Fat Transfer versus Adipose stem cells in New York

The FAMI™ technique created in 1997 by Dr Roger E. Amar which stands for Fat Autografting Muscle Injection is the most advanced method of rejuvenation and repair making the traditional face lifting and blepharoplasty Obsolete in a proportion of 90%.

This French Plastic Surgeon discovered the concept of Muscle injection in 1997 and expanded it for facial rejuvenation and repair without a scalpel by injecting the 30 facial mimic muscles to find the best vascularization as a source of important oxygenation for the graft.

Hundreds of patients have been successfully operated. They have made FAMI™ the ultimate fat grafting thank to the use of Adipose stem cells as a true anti aging surgical tool for prevention of aging and facial repair.

For years women have been voicing their desires for a natural contouring option without a scalpel. New York FAMI™ offers a long lasting natural way to enhance the facial contours through stem cells from fat which is different conception from previous technique as fat filling, lipoplasty, lipostructure™ or what some doctors call stem cell facelift.

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