Fat grafting in New York

To transfer fat from abdomen to face is very popular in New York thank to a surgeon called Sydney Coleman who intoduced in the nineties a modified French technique of fat gafting called lipofilling created by 2 French surgeons Yves Gerard Illouz and Pierre Fournier of Paris. Coleman a very gifted marketing doctor made good changes on the original technique to make the fat grafting very easy to perform. In few years this new methodology called Lipostructure™ became very popular among the community of plastic surgeons. From the original technique he added blunt cannulae instead of needles, lab centrifuge instead of hand centrifuge or simple decantation, and tunnelization or hundred of passes during injection for better insertion and retention of the fat grafting.
In spite of huge bruising and very long lasting edema (swelling) this fat tranfer is still very popular among plastic surgeons who use it as an adjuvant technique during face lifting and blepharoplasty. The fat injection is mixted with invasive surgery to make what it called “volumetric face lifting”. Unfortunatelly the lumpy result and the asymmetrical hollowing make touching ups mandatory.
Never used as non surgical face lift for full face rejuvenation these fat injections called lipofilling, Lipostructure™, fat injection or fat transfer cannot make as FAMI™ does the incisionnal surgery of the face quasi Obsolete!

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