"Ultimate fat grafting with Ultimate longevity"

Pearl fat grafting, a procedure that uses an open technique with transfer of pearl sized pieces of fat, was introduced in the 19th century. In 1980, French Plastic surgeon Yves Gerard Illouz paved the way for liposuction. Since, serious conditions due to trauma, birth defect or disease have been treated for nearly 20 years by use of fat grafting, a technique that remains accepted in spite od its poor results, for soft tissue repair in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

FAMI™, which stands for Facial Autograph Muscle Injection, is the continuum of earliest attempts in achieving long lasting restoration of volumes. In the field of plastic surgery, fat transfer or fat grafting is still raising controversy due to lack of longevity, lumpy results and the need for numerous touch-ups.

In the nineties, Dr roger E. Amar, French Plastic surgeon graduated in Paris and practicing in Marseilles – France, Marbella – Spain and then in London UK, developed the FAMI™ technique, a new concept for Facial Rejuvenation and Repair. This non-incisional anti-aging alternative to traditional facelift surgery has been taught during 7 years in US to more than 200 doctors with more than 50 live surgery.

FAMI™ consists in injecting autologous stem cells in the different layers of muscles of facial expression and under periosteum of facial bone. FAMI™ requires learning to identify blindly the 30 muscles of facial expression and how to inject the autologous stem cells in a way that respects venous and lymphatic vascularization.

This technique has become state-of-the-art of Stem cell fat transplant for facial rejuvenation and repair.

Only high skilled surgeons who took Dr Amar courses and were trained with proprietary instrumentation are qualified to perform it safely. FAMI™ procedure.

One can find in mostly each US states a surgeon who took the course with Dr Amar. However, the level of their skill and the quality of their work has never been evaluated by Dr Roger Amar.

Being concerned by the quality of the results and safety of the procedure, Dr Amar is progressively going to monitor the work of his scholars.

Now in New York, it is possible to find a surgeon who can offer a procedure pre and post-operative monitored by Dr roger Amar.

- Quote of Dr Roger Amar -

Does the idea of a non-surgical face lift seem too good to be true?
Does the idea of a affordable Rejuvenation for all seem too good to be true?


By using FAMI™ procedure, a permanent more youthful appearance and correction of facial volume deficiencies is achieved. Small quantities of Adipose Stem Cells are injected following the template of the patient´s own anatomy in the different layers of the muscle, the most vascularized tissue, optimizing their oxygen supply and survival that lasts virtually a lifetime. No complication has ever been reported, downtime was minimum and patient satisfaction rate was high.

The FAMI™ technique support 2 facts: that during the aging process, the loss of volume does not involve only fat loss but muscle and bone loss as well; and that fat transplant survives best in a vascularized environment. Several histological studies support this conclusion.

FAMI™ procedure is especially effective for post-facelifting patients wishing to avoid the stretched appearance of multiple lifts and those with gaunt look, hollowing eyes of flattened cheeks and lips.

Although some questions regarding the longevity of fat transplant remain, FAMI™ procedure provides a long term solution to aged-related facial defects and offers smoother and more attractive contours of a youthful face.

The best FAMI™ indications are: temporal hollows, baggy eyelids, crow’s feet, tear trough, deep nasolabial folds, marionette wrinkles etc…

The precision of FAMI™ procedure can be seen in the post-operative evidence of no bruising or long lasting edema, raising patient satisfaction to high success, without the need for touch-ups.

Although face-lifting and blepharoplasty were used by the author for rejuvenation during 25 years, FAMI™ is now considered as the best non invasive method available to achieving facial improvement and rejuvenation.

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    FAMI Technique

    A French plastic surgeon, Dr Roger Amar has been using FAMI™ since 1997 to repair and rejuvenate his patients. According to Dr Amar, “The majority of patients do not need incisional procedures unless they have extremely sagging skin, and the FAMI™ technique can fill the need for a total rejuvenation of the skin, muscles and bones in one session.”

    The FAMI procedure is simple for the patients – it is performed on an outpatient basis with minimal risk or complications and with downtime ranging from two to 5 days – but it represents a challenge for the surgeon. The surgeon needs an expertise in facial micro-anatomy and it is Dr Amar’s exceptional anatomical knowledge, which has earned him the reputation as an ‘Anatomical Wizard’ in medical circles.

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