"Ultimate fat grafting with Ultimate longevity"

The very first documented fat transfer or fat grafting was performed in 1895 by German doctor, Dr. Karl Czerny, who transplanted fatty tissue from the patient’s lumbar region, or lower back, to a breast defect.

In 1984, Mel Bircoll M.D. introduced a new method of fat grafting, the micro injection of fat, using liposuction techniques introduced in 1980 by French Plastic surgeons Yves Gerard Illouz and Pierre
301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Fournier, and for nearly 10 years, fat grafting remained an accepted adjuvant technique in helping to treat numerous conditions, by augmenting thin soft tissues in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. The results were incomplete, not lasting with important bruising and swelling and a constant need of touch-ups. The plastic surgeons used it as an adjuvant procedure during surgery, but unfortunatelly the outcomes did not change and bruising and long lasting swelling discouraged the patients asking for non surgical face lift with only fat grafting without a scalpel.

This is why in the Cosmetic field, Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer is still controversial, due to short time effect and often lumpy results which require several touch-ups.

FAMI™ stands for Fat Autografting Muscle Injection and represents today the state-of-the-art technique for autologous adipose stem cells transplant for cure and prevention of the aging process! After teaching his technique to skilled surgeons, Dr Roger Amar, is progressively monitoring his best scholars.
– Quote of Dr Roger Amar -

Does the idea of a non-surgical face lift seem too good to be true?
Does the idea of an affordable Rejuvenation procedure for all seem too good to be true?

This 14 year-old technique could be called an “Ultimate fat grafting with Ultimate longevity”, FAMI™ brings the fat transplant in contact with the best vascularized tissue of the face (muscles) and skull (periosteum), raising the life span of the transplant to virtually a life time.

Dr Amar´s scholars are experts in injecting the 30 muscles of the facial expression with patented instruments, respecting venous and lymphatic vascularization. The bruising could be present in some small areas and the swelling very short. Thank to the very precise anatomical natural correction and the long lasting effect, FAMI™ technique does not need any touching up in the postoperative time.
We put this FAMI™ technique in the category of fat grafting, but pure fat is no more injected! In FAMI™ Dr Roger Amar is using since 1998 the stromal vascular fraction of the lower body fat deposits (SVF). The lower body is the source of everyoung tissues with adipose Stem Cells. For many doctors FAMI™ stands now for facial autologous mesenchymal integration which emphasizes the mesenchymal pluripotent cells of this process.

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    FAMI Technique

    A French plastic surgeon, Dr Roger Amar has been using FAMI™ since 1997 to repair and rejuvenate his patients. According to Dr Amar, “The majority of patients do not need incisional procedures unless they have extremely sagging skin, and the FAMI™ technique can fill the need for a total rejuvenation of the skin, muscles and bones in one session.”

    The FAMI procedure is simple for the patients – it is performed on an outpatient basis with minimal
    301 Moved Permanently

    301 Moved Permanently


    risk or complications and with downtime ranging from two to 5 days – but it represents a challenge for the surgeon. The surgeon needs an expertise in facial micro-anatomy and it is Dr Amar’s exceptional anatomical knowledge, which has earned him the reputation as an ‘Anatomical Wizard’ in medical circles.

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